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Diddy recently announced that he’s bringing back the MTV series “Making the Band.”

"Making The Band", especially the original season was great television, so much so that it spawned parodies by Dave Chapelle, and went on to spawn acts Da Band, Danity Kane, and Day 26.

The reality show formed a band from scratch, and followed them throughout their musical careers.

Although the new "Making The Band" will return in 2020, Diddy has already begun conducting his worldwide search for the next band’s members.

The hit reality show previously aired on MTV from 2000-2009, with Diddy handpicking the members in each group with a little input from various members of his team.

How nice would it be to have a time machine to go back to the time when Da Band walked to Brooklyn to get cheesecake for Puff, only to drop it, and when Dylan let us know who the top 5 rappers of all time were: Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan!

Of course you will be tuning in!


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